When Pregnancy Becomes A Headache

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Let’s face it, folks, pregnancy can often be a major headache…..literally. To be fair, there are a lot of things going on, and your body is doing some pretty fantastic work but none of that matters when the side effects of pregnancy, including headaches, makes each day seem like an eternity. Headaches are definitely a part of pregnancy, there is no getting around that, but the question is what can you do about them? Do you just have to suffer for the next nine months or are there safe ways to make pregnancy less of a headache?

What is this?:

Usually, headaches during pregnancy are hormonal headaches though other things like migraines, high blood pressure, and poor posture can also cause headaches.

Why is it happening?:

Hormones happen during pregnancy, it’s just part of the package, and most of the things that bother you during pregnancy are