Why Some Black Women Are Moving To Africa

Image: Unsplash

This topic has kept a low profile but has been spoken amongst the black community for years. With news reports swirling around why women of color are trying to get out of the United States, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to speak up for some of the beautiful souls I’ve come across who’ve made the complete transition. The thing is, many of their beliefs and reasons can easily be misconstrued and even role into other people’s beliefs, however, you’ll find they’re seeking something completely unique and genuine.

Here are some of the top reasons why black women are opting out of America and moving to the motherland:

Access To Natural Resources

Many black women who are seeking to make the transition to Africa simply want a more natural lifestyle. From the way they eat to the way they interact with people, they want to be able to simplify their way of living. It’s no secret that most of our own natural foods and goods come from overseas and from the motherland herself, so why not immerse yourself fully in an environment that provides just that to you?

Many villages’ commerce is made up of just farming from their land naturally. In Africa, you can actually buy your fruits and veggies directly from the farmer without being skeptical if it was drowned in pesticides and where the money is really going to.

A Change of Scenery

Yes, some black women have