Winter Skin Care

woman putting product on her skinWinter weather can be tough on skin. Cold temperatures and dry indoor heating combine to strip the skin of moisture, leaving it dry and flaky. A few simple tricks can keep your skin glowing.


Use moisturizer After bathing, pat dry, then replenish with a body moisturizer. Oils can also be added to bath water, which will penetrate and nourish the skin.


Apply astringents and toners sparingly Always use alcohol-free toners.


Don’t forget the sunscreen Most people are in and out during the day, and casual sun exposure adds up.  Many products are a combination of sunscreen and a moisturizer, find one that works.


Environmental Issues Humidifying the environment can help replenish moisture. Sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom at night.


Shorten baths or showers Frequent long showers or baths do not add moisture but take away protection.


Stimulate and exfoliate Rubbing the skin’s surface daily with a scrub brush or washcloth stimulates the skin and removes dead cells.


Exfoliating Your Lips If your lips are dry out and flaky, try rubbing a little jojoba oil on them, and then rubbing gently with a woven mesh cleansing cloth to remove the dead skin cells, then cover with a lip balm to hold the moisture in.





Softens and protects skin, natural source of vitamin B, a skin-nourishing plant oil. Plus, it is a natural UV protector.



Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

This soothing combination of salt and sugar to promote maximum gentle exfoliation removes dull, dry skin. Packed with vitamins and botanicals, such as Vitamin C, E, and hydroquinone, all ingredients work to help fade brown spots and reduce fine lines, improving skin tone and texture. Skin instantly feels soft and smooth.


Leaves skin glowing with the first use. (This should only be performed one to three times a week). $35 – Try the REVERSE regimen that consist of a cleanser, toner, skin lightening lotion and protector with bearberrry extract, kojic acid and salicylic acid to lighten brown spots, repair and refresh the skin. $135


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