World’s Smallest Baby Celebrates 1 Year Birthday!

– Get enough rest
– Exercise regularly
– Elevate your feet several times during the day
– Avoid drinking alcohol
– Avoid beverages containing caffeine

The hospital where Saybie was born, Sharp Mary Birch, which has the largest Level III NICU in San Diego County, is recognized among the best hospitals in the world in caring for micro preemies.

This “team was incredibly proud to care for Saybie, and happy to wish her well when she graduated from the NICU and went home…,” the hospital said in a press release.

Babies who are born before 28 weeks of gestation are known as micro preemies. These infants weigh extremely light and are very fragile, often facing long stays in the NICU section of the hospital.

Cognitive problems can occur in 40 percent of micro preemies, while 10 percent go on to have moderate to severe cerebral palsy. Other long-term health problems may include respiratory problems, digestive issues, and vision or hearing loss.

But thank God Saybie is doing well. She truly is a miracle baby!