Most Women Wear The Wrong Size Bra – Are You One?

woman in bra2

A shocking 64% of women wear the wrong size bra according to a recent study from Triumph, a Swiss lingerie company. Of the 10,000 women surveyed, Women’s Wear Daily reports that “29 percent know they are wearing the wrong size”.

Knowing better should cause us to do better, but some women choose to have their girls out there bogus because of high quality bras being more costly, they’ve never been properly fitted for a bra and some wear smaller-sized bras for the illusion of bigger cleavage.

Wearing the right bra keeps a girl’s breasts supported while she’s playing a sport and can help prevent injury to breast tissue. A well-fitting bra is also important for a woman’s posture, particularly if she has large breasts. A bra that doesn’t fit can cause back problems, muscle tension, and even headaches.

Whatever the reasons, wearing  a bra that doesn’t fit right is not only uncomfortable and often aesthetically unflattering, it also poses serious health concerns like back pain, poor posture and neck/shoulder issues.

Wearing the best bra for your breast shape is worth the time and investment, and the tips below will help you choose the perfect one.

Demi Cup 

Are you a member of the itty bitty tata committee? Typically, small breasts are larger on their underside than they are on top. The Demi cup offers a low-scoop that accentuates the right parts while giving you the right amount support.

Tighten Up

Most people don’t realize that a bra is meant to be worn TIGHT. The majority of the the bra is held in place by the strap around your back. Try tightening your bra so that only two fingers can slide through.

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Underwire Observations

Make sure your underwire frames your girlies, otherwise it’s probably cutting them off. If you find this to be the case, try…