The 7 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

healthy breakfast options( — The road to losing weight can be a very bumpy and frustrating one. As people reach obstacles and hit potholes, they tend to become discouraged. For all the different people there are in the world, most dieters actually make some of the same mistakes.

Recognizing theses mistakes early on, may prevent you from making them later.

You set unrealistic goals to begin with. The first mistake dieters make is developing unrealistic weight loss goals. Slower is better. Studies show that individuals who rapidly lose weight are more likely to gain it back. So if you’ve lost a few pounds this month, excellent! Don’t discount that, because you see someone on TV losing 15 pounds in two weeks.

You don’t realize that weight loss is different for everyone. While some people lose a lot of weight in the first few weeks, others might not lose any weight for a few weeks. Although this can be frustrating when you’re doing everything right, it’s not a reason to give up. Sometimes it just takes a little while longer to see the results of your hard work reflected on the scale.

You try too hard to be perfect (and kick yourself too hard when you’re not). You can expect to hit some bumps in the road, no matter how hard you’re trying. Setbacks are normal. The important thing is not to let those bumps get you totally off track, but to learn from them and move forward.