The New Workout Tool: Your Car?

A woman smiling in her carDriving isn’t well-known for inducing weight loss. Long commutes, road trips…they regularly lead to snacking on the wrong things. can definitely cause weight gain. Also, just as sitting at your desk doesn’t exactly help you burn calories, neither does sitting in a car seat for long hours.

But…there IS a way your car can actually help you slim down!

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Drink: Keep a water bottle in your car so you can stay hydrated and stave off cravings.

Snack: Stash nonperishable healthy snacks in your car so you can reach for those instead of succumbing to gas station junk food. Nuts, trail mix, granola bars, whole grain pretzels, and shelf-stable soy or almond milk are all great options. If you know you’ll be in the car for a few hours, pack a healthy meal so you can better avoid fast food. Also, try to eat every few hours to keep your metabolism stable and control urges to make unhealthy eating choices.