Painless Ways To Cut Extra Calories

protein style burger( — If you were to cut 100 calories from your diet every day for a year, you’d be saving 36,500 of ‘em—that’s 10 pounds each year! Try these easy weight-loss tips to save those calories and keep your waistline happy.

Choose better carbs.

Sometimes you can’t avoid breakfast on the run. When you make your choice at the deli, opt for a bialy instead of a bagel. You’ll cut 170 calories from your morning while adding a little variety to your food routine.

Ditch dried fruit for fresh fruit.

Sure, you may know that dried fruit has more sugar than its fresh counterpart, but did you also know that because it has less water volume, it has more calories per serving? Swapping a half cup of raisins for a half cup of grapes will save you 165 calories.