After The Biggest Loser: How To Keep The Pounds Off

Even though Tumi Oguntala didn’t win “The Biggest Loser” competition, she hasn’t stop losing.  In fact, since leaving the ranch behind, she hasn’t had any problem shedding pounds. Tumi was the “At Home Winner” with the largest percentage of weight loss ever achieved in the show’s history.  She lost 175 lbs which is 54.86% of her body weight!

But what is it that contestants like Tumi learn to help take their weight loss to the next level even after the camera stops rolling?

On The Show:
“In May 2013, frustrated with inconsistent results from my weight loss program, I decided to try out for ‘The Biggest Loser.’ I was cast on the show after attending an open casting call in May 2013. The program is an intense immersion into living the life of an athlete (exercising four or more hours per day) and eating clean (organic, hormone-free, low sodium, low fat, low sugar and few to no processed foods).

The competitive aspects of weight loss require contestants to adapt to an athlete’s life very rapidly or leave the ranch.

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In my first few weeks I kept to a program of 4-6 hours per day and was able to stay competitive, but not break away from the pack. As my stamina increased, I began to approach life on the ranch like a full time job. I had left my family and career to work on my health, so I made it my first priority and treated it like a full time occupation. I was able to achieve 8-10 hour workout days, owing in large part to my preference for very early morning (5 am) workouts. This new level of effort combined with my clean eating enabled me to consistently lose between 6-10 pounds per week.