What Is The Youngest Kid To Attend Oxford Up To Now?

Joshua Beckford speakingJoshua Beckford has never been the typical child. At the age of six when most children are preparing for first grade, Joshua went off to college – the prestigious University of Oxford in England, to be exact.

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His father, Knox Daniel, said he first noticed his son was clever when he was sitting on his lap while on the computer. “I started telling him what the letters on the keyboard were and I realized that he was remembering and could understand.”

Named one of the smartest kids in the world by a professor at City University, the now eight-year-old is far too academically advanced to attend third grade with his peers and is homeschooled instead.

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So, what does an eight-year-old super scholar study? Joshua excels at science, math, history, foreign languages and history. He dreams of being a…

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