Magic Johnson 25 Years Later: Sets The Record Straight On His HIV Status

ESPN Films "The Announcement" Los Angeles Premiere“Magic Johnson doesn’t have AIDS anymore!” someone blurted out during a lively discussion about safe sex in our community.  After this young person’s statement, others nodded their head in agreement.  While Johnson publicly delivered the news of his HIV status on national television, he also has been publicly living his life–a pretty good life–with the disease, which many believe that he has either cured himself and no longer has the virus.

If You Know Someone With HIV, They Need To Check This Out

Back in 1991, when he was one of the most-beloved professional sports figures in the world making the announcement about his status, folks were reeling over Johnson’s revelation: the news forever changed the league, the franchise, a man and the world. Many wondered how the virus could have crept in to the heterosexual realm, which at the time, was still considered a gay affliction?

As the years progressed, Johnson retired from his beloved sport, made multi-millions (and others billions) in the business sector, and became an AIDS activist. Soon, people began wondering how Johnson wasn’t losing weight and why didn’t he look sickly. Johnson always looked healthy as a horse and there was never a news report revealing that he’d been hospitalized with an HIV-related illness.