Why Natural Hair Is So Hard To Maintain [VIDEO]

It goes without question that the vast majority of brown-skinned women like myself have heard remarks about how chemically straightening our hair makes it more manageable and even more “acceptable” in mainstream culture. But what if you’re tired of all the perming and ready for a change? Will going 100% natural mean that you’ll just end up creating a headache for yourself?

In other words: Is natural hair just naturally more difficult to maintain?

In today’s Fit 411 episode I’m going to share my honest 2 cents on this matter, and hopefully, what I have to share will also be a bit of empowerment to any woman who is on the fence about going natural. Enjoy the video!


Dr. Phoenyx AustinDr. Phoenyx Austin, MD is the creator of Beauty Protein, owner of the FitBeauty Shop and author of the best-selling natural haircare guide, If You Love It, It Will Grow. A passionate entrepreneur and content consultant, Dr. Phoenyx also enjoys working with companies that focus on fitness and health promotion.