200 Pound Weight Loss: “I Turned My Cant’s into Can’s”

(Photo credit: @nenebankz on instagram)

It seems as though there are more and more people are getting the memo about living their best life. And not living for someone else or what they see or think is their best life, but living life for them. It’s important to do things on your own terms and not to impress anybody because you’ll be happier. That’s why we have to honor Nene, better known as @nenebankz on Instagram.

She is a true inspiration to everyone that followers her. She has lost over 190 pounds and continues to lose while staying to herself. And just like with real weight loss, it’s has taken time, but she’s remained on a mission and that mission has proven successful.

We have received a number of emails suggesting we feature Nene, simply because of who she is. But we’ll let her explain in her own words.