Do Blindfolds In The Bedroom Make Better Orgasms?

woman lingerie in bedroom

Orgasm is always the topic of discussion when conversations about sex are taking place, and it’s common knowledge that most women aren’t having orgasms regularly or even at all. The female sexual response cycle requires more time to reach the level of “orgasm,” but the most important element of a sexual experience that allows a woman to reach a climax is trust. Trust is necessary for a woman to truly feel safe in her mind and body during sexual activity, and when trust is established her body opens up like a flower ready to bloom.

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Before sex even begins, the body goes through an unconscious process of determining levels of safety, and if the body registers potential harm it becomes uncooperative during sex. The vagina can become dry and tight and may even become painful to penetrate if trust is not established, but there is a very simple way for couples to work on building trust while encouraging a woman’s orgasm. By using the simple act of blindfolding, couples can not only experiment with new ways to express themselves sexually but also work on strengthening their bond and trust in each other.

Blindfolding is often an element of erotic play used in BDSM, but you don’t have to be a member of the lifestyle or into kink in order to use blindfolding during sex. Using a silk blindfold or even a scarf across the eyes can encourage sensations a woman has never experienced before by heightening her senses. When eyesight becomes restricted it forces the other senses – touch, taste, smell and hearing – to intensify. It’s a natural survival technique, but it can also be a libido booster.

Imagine not being able to see what your partner is using to turn you on. Every touch, from the lightest of breath to the pressure of penetration, is intensified by ten because your mind is trying to create a picture of what is happening behind the blindfold. Not knowing what your partner’s next move will be can send your body into an…

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