My Story: “Giving Birth Was A Huge Wake Up Call”

weight lossAnyce was not like most girls her age.  She struggled with being obese all her life. Anyce always been taller and heavier than her classmates and friends. Although she never let it bother her, she wasn’t able to participate in the simple things young girls did because of her size. She was active and loved life until her energy dropped very low and then something happened. Check out her road to weight loss below:

1. Was there a defining moment that made you want to lose weight? The ultimate defining moment that made me start my health journey was me giving birth to my daughter. I was pregnant and didn’t know for almost my entire pregnancy. I found out 2 weeks before I gave birth to her. That was a HUGE WAKE UP CALL. I had let myself go and I was not in sync with my body.

2. What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome to get healthy? The biggest hurdle that I have everyday is watching what I put in my mouth! Lets be honest, most foods that are NOT “HEALTHY” taste good… I have to constantly remind myself to stay on track and don’t give in to temporary satisfactions. If I’m going to feel bad after I eat it, I don’t need it!!!

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3. Are you afraid to eat anything now? What are your guilty pleasure foods? I am afraid to eat bread, rice & pasta. It seems my body doesn’t digest it well and I feel very heavy after the fact. My guilty pleasure food is PEANUT BUTTER (That’s my boyfriend) hahaha & popcorn!


4. When did you feel you made progress? Honestly,…

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