Jerlean Talley: World’s Oldest Person Celebrates 116th Birthday

Michael Kinloch, 54, of Canton visits with Jeralean Talley, 113, in the living room of her home in Inkster, Mich. on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. Kinloch's son, Tyler, is Talley's godson. Kimberly P. Mitchell/Detroit Free Press (Via OlyDrop)

Jeralean Talley, 116

We tend make a big deal about the big 4-0 or the big 5-0, but that’s nothing compared to Jeralean Talley, the world’s oldest living person, celebrated the big 1-1-6 on Saturday in Inkster, Michigan.

Born in 1899, Talley has lived through the turn of two centuries and 20 different presidents. The most recent presidents sent Talley a special birthday greeting, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“The breadth of your experiences and depth of your wisdom reflect the long path our Nation has traveled since 1899,” President Barack Obama wrote in a letter to Talley. “During this time, there have been setbacks and breakthroughs, false starts and improbable victories, and through it all our country’s spirit has endured — strengthened and enriched by each generation.”

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Talley celebrated her birthday twice, including a Sunday party at her church, New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist. The Gerontology Research Group considers her to be the oldest person in the world, based on available records, followed by…

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