Celebrity Trainer Siddiqu Talks “No More Jiggle July” Challenge

Siddiqu standingAre you struggling to lose those last 10 pounds or the first 15? Then look no further than the “No More Jiggle July” challenge. Created by Siddiqu “The Personal Trainer,” (he’s also a BlackDoctor.org contributing fitness expert), the “No More Jiggle July” challenge kicks off Monday, July 6 and ends Friday, July 31. In case you were wondering, the challenge starts after Fourth of July so that you can still enjoy all your holiday plans, which probably include lots of barbeque. By joining the email list, you’ll receive a set of rules along with expert advice on a weekly basis regarding specific exercises you’ll be doing and certain foods you’ll be eating.

BlackDoctor.org recently spoke with Siddiqu “The Personal Trainer” about his 26-day fitness challenge because let’s face it: Everyone has a little wiggle and jiggle here and there that they’d love to make disappear, right?

BDO: Tell us more about the “No More Jiggle July” fitness challenge and what’s involved.

Siddiqu: I picked July because it’s the perfect time where people can just renew and go outside and ideally not have to worry about the rain and the cold weather, so we came up with the concept of “No More Jiggle July” a few years ago to just get rid of some of that extra jiggle that a lot of us have been dealing with throughout the year.

We do a lot of challenges around the holidays just to help people get back focused, but the “No More Jiggle July” challenge is a weekday challenge, so you’re only doing it from Monday through Friday, so no alcohol, no soda pop, no red meat, no processed foods so that you can really increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and protein. The cardio is key, whether you’re jumping rope, jogging, walking, biking, etc. The goal is to burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories per day.