Most Googled Diets Of 2015

fruits and vegetables

Every year Google releases its most searched topic lists, and one that I found to be interesting was diets. Though some of these diets I have no idea how valid they are in their success rate, I think it speaks to the mindset of the world that diets are even a topic worth searching!

If you’re interested in trying something different in 2016, check out these top-searched diet trends.

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20/20 Diet

This is the famous television personality and physician Dr. Phil’s diet regimen. It made the top of the list for most searched diet plans. The 20/20 portion of it signifies the 20 power foods that you rotate in and out of the diet through three different 30 day phases. These foods include items like coconut oil, eggs, prunes, chickpeas and tofu. The idea is that these power-packed foods boost your metabolism, while making you feel fuller and less likely to eat junk throughout the day.