Actor Billy Brown: Fit, Fine And Sex Scenes With Viola Davis

(photo courtesy of HTGAWM instagram)

(photo courtesy of HTGAWM instagram)

Billy Brown has been stealing scenes on shows like Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and most recently on ABC’s hit show How to Get Away with Murder on Thursday nights. He plays opposite Emmy winner Viola Davis, with some very memorable sexy love scenes.

Brown, who plays detective Nate Lahey on the popular Shonda Rhimes show, explained what it’s like shooting their most intimate scenes. After discussing kissing Davis on screen, Brown explained why the show’s sexiest shots are decidedly unsexy for the actors involved.

“There are so many people on set, and there are so many stops and interruptions and breaks,” he said. “Honestly, the littlest thing — if this pillow is crinkled, our [director of photography] is going to notice, the director is going to notice, they’re going to want to come in and have set direction change it or flip it over because it’s a distraction, especially in a close up. So it’s not even about the kissing.”

“They’re micromanaging every move. All you want to do is make out with your co-star, and they’re getting in the way of it,” Brown said.

Billy’s shown some serious acting chops—not to mention some serious six-pack abs. So it’s of no surprise that Billy is just as serious about fitness as he is acting. But what many don’t know, is that unlike almost all Hollywood heavyweights, Billy doesn’t have a trainer!

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“All business. No phone in the gym. Just straight beasting. Clanging and banging as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says,” admits Brown.

(photo courtesy of HTGAWM instagram)

(photo courtesy of HTGAWM instagram)

When asked what his favorite things to do in the gym is, Brown simply replied “Doing it. There’s nothing like completing a great workout.”

“Everyday you’re in the gym, you’ve won. You’ve won against the inertia that wants to keep you out of the gym. Everyday you run up the stairs or you take a walk, you could’ve been the guy sitting on his ass not doing it. So you’ve won.”

So what’s the secret to Billy’s chiseled abs?

“Diet. It’s as simple as that,” Billy explains. “You are what you eat, so if you want to eat a bag of chips and follow up with a coke, then your abs are going to kiss you goodbye. But if you can keep it lean, quality protein and do what you need to when training, then they’ll show up.”

Billy’s go-to ab workout is no-brainer for the fitness buff.

“The cable crossover,” Billy says. “Hands down.”

The cable crossover involves a machine that has a cable arm pull on both sides of your body. You start by…

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