100-Year-Old Ida Keeling Breaks World Running Record Then Does Push-Ups!

nbc sportsIda Keeling is not your typical 100-year-old great-great-grandmother. For the most part, anyone 100-years-old or greater is normally sitting in a chair somewhere, knitting and telling stories of when they were “a youngin.'” But Ida is far from that.

As a matter of fact, Keeling made headlines recently for setting the world record for the fastest 100M by a woman 100 years or older — clocking in a time of one minute and 17 seconds.

But that’s not the only record she’s broken.  She also holds the title for the fastest 60M dash (ages 95-99) and has competed (and placed) in international meets.

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You’d think with all these records broken, Keeling has been running all her life — WRONG. She didn’t start until much later in life.