7 Steps To Stop Summer Colds

African woman with scarf coughing

Summer colds are the worst — hands down. Instead of enjoying the weather, you’re sniffling and sneezing.  Many people think it’s air conditioning or a fans that cause it, but the bigger question is, how do you stop it?  Here’s seven steps to not only stop your summer cold, but also keep one from coming back.


1. Wash your hands often.

Germs are spread from a contagious person to a healthy person typically by hand, whether directly or indirectly. Your greatest defense is to wash your hands several times a day with warm, soapy water.

2. Drink plenty of fluids (but not necessarily Orange Juice)

While you can’t flush a cold out of your system, drinking water and other liquids. Many orange juices are filled with sugar and may worse a cold if not added with another less sugary drink. Consider juicing your own orange juice or getting fresh squeezed juice.  Also, many people forget about juicing lemons.  Lemons will help not only with your throat but also will help prevent dehydration and maintain your body’s fluids.

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3. Spend some time outdoors (no, seriously)

With a winter cold, many of us spend time under the covers and indoors as much as possible. But with a summer cold, we are more likely to catch a cold in indoors rather than outdoors. Indoor, air conditioned environments and tight closed spaces, such as airplanes, pose many virus-sharing risks and ultimately increase the likelihood of catching a cold. That’s why a little time spent relaxing in the sun can be good for you. Why? Because the sun’s ultraviolet rays can kill cold viruses, just as ultraviolet light can kill surface germs.

4. Rest, Rest And More Rest

It’s easier said than done in the summertime, but in order for your body to recover from a virus, you must get plenty of rest.