Prince & Charlie Murphy: Remembering Friends With Laughter [VIDEO]

Comedian Charlie Murphy is no longer with us.
Prince Rogers Nelson aka Prince is also no longer with us.
Both are missed dearly.

But fortunately for us, their lives still live on in Prince’s Music and Charlie Murphy’s knack for telling the funniest, but true, stories on the planet.

We take a look back at some of the funny memories Murphy gave us about the talented musician and friend to many.

Charlie Murphy – Basketball with Prince from Robert Kowal on Vimeo.

In 2004, a sketch on Dave Chappelle’s, “Chappelle’s Show” had Charlie telling the “True Hollywood Story” (seen in the above video) of the time Prince and his entourage challenged Murphy and his friends to a most unusual basketball game. Wearing eccentric outfits, Prince and his boys supposedly wielded some unbelievable skills that day, then celebrated a game well-played with short stacks for everyone.

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It was one of the funniest skits on the highly successful, award-winning show. People were talking about it, commenting on it and creating memes about it on social media. When Dave Chappelle decided not to do season 3 of the show, the shows with Charlie Murphy and Prince became one of the highest viewed re-runs of the show.

And in the first four days following Prince’s death in April 2016, the classic sketch that has Chappelle playing the basketball-loving Prince was viewed online nearly 600,000 times.

“Yes, he really did play basketball. You know it’s not crazy for a black man to play basketball. He could play. And I swear to God, yes he makes pancakes,” confessed Murphy.

(Prince Rogers Nelson on high school basketball team/via twitter)

(Prince Rogers Nelson on high school basketball team/via twitter)

(Photo credit: Steve Parke)


(Photo credit: Steve Parke)


Prince confirmed the whole pancake rumor when he used Dave Chappelle’s image of him on the cover of his hit single, “Breakfast Can Wait.”

“I got game and he don’t,” Prince said in an interview in 2015. “And it’s not that I’m that great, it’s just he’s that bad. (laughing).”

Prince continued with “It’s funny too because shortly after that Dave came over to the house and we were just chilling and I turned to Dave and said, ‘Dave, you want some pancakes?’ And we bust out laughing!”

After his death, Charlie spoke with TMZ about his longtime friend:

“First thing I want to say is may he rest in peace. What Prince meant to me is pretty much what he meant to…