5 Best Natural Oils To Combat The Cold Weather

A decrease in temperature also means an increase in dry and irritated skin. For anyone experiencing cold weather skin issues, we have the 5 best oils to maintain supple and moisturized skin.

As the cooler weather approaches, so does the need to step your game up when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated. While there are plenty of conventional lotions and hand creams on the market, sometimes our skin needs and deserves more.

For those who are used to using natural oils on your body, then you’re already familiar with the benefits that these good-for-you oils provide. If you’ve never used natural oils before and your skin is in need of some serious hydration, allow me to introduce you to the following natural oils. Your skin will thank you.

1. Argan oil

Extracted from the kernels found in the fruit of Moroccan argan trees, argan oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. This skin superfood can be