5 Kitchen Tools That’ll Help You Lose Weight

couple with blenderBlackDoctor.org) — Kitchens are equipped with basic appliances and utensils; however, a dieter’s needs may involve a little more hardware. Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that the proper gear can greatly aid in their weight loss. Here are five everyday cooking essentials we can use to eat healthier—and lose weight.

1. Panini Press/Griddle

This versatile machine cooks everything from hot sandwiches to grilled veggies, chicken, and fish. Its non-stick plates—which are designed to drain grease for healthier cooking—make lubing with high-fat butter or margarine unnecessary, not to mention give food that great grilled look and taste. And because food doesn’t simmer and soak in oils and grease (like in a conventional frying pan), by cooking with it you can easily shave a hundred calories off your meal!