5 Risks Of Waist Training You Should Know About


Waist training has become more popular than ever. Wherever you turn you’re sure to see someone wearing a waist trainer under their clothing, posting about their results on social media, or launching a waist trainer business. With more entertainers like Summer Walker and K. Michelle being so candidly open about their body transformations and fashionably doting their waist-cinching garments, one must sit back and wonder, “Is it really worth it for me?”

Now, there are levels to this! There are different types of waist trainers on the market and they have different purposes. There are waist trainers that can be worn during workouts. These typically help to generate heat in the midsection and can promote loss of water weight.

Some girdles are also considered to be waist trainers. These pose limited risks because they tend to be more flimsy in structure, are worn for shorter periods of time, and simply help to smooth lines underneath clothing.