5 Ways To Detox Your Skin

Even with all its popularity, DIY skincare is in many ways a last resort. Fortunately for us (and thanks to Pinterest), there’s a plethora of weird ways to detox your skin – every skin type –  to unclog pores, soothe dry skin and even reduce acne from the comfort of your kitchen.

For oily skin and acne

Try charcoal. It’s packed with nutrients sure to rid your skin of toxins and impurities.

1 ½ tablespoons activated charcoal powder
1 ½ teaspoons water (more or less)
½ teaspoon raw honey (optional)
1. Add charcoal to a bowl and slowly add water until the charcoal until the mixture is puddling like.

2. Apply a thin layer of concoction on the face, using your fingertips to gently massage the mixture into the skin.

3. Let the solution sit for 10 minutes to 30 minutes, but no longer, to avoid mask from drying or cracking.

4. Wash face with warm water.

To remove excess charcoal, use a baking soda and warm water mixture to completely cleanse skin. Lock in moisture by applying your desired daily moisturizer.