Lavell Crawford: “I Gave Away $10,000 Worth Of Clothes”

Last week, was the first to report on comedian Lavell Crawford’s stunning 120-pound weight loss. Since then, the talented comic continues to do sold out shows all over the country.

In a recent interview on Tuesday, TMZ, caught up with the comic where he revealed what has happened since his weight loss.

“I just want to be healthy. My wife doesn’t want me to go under 220 pounds,” admits Crawford. “She likes a guy with some size! She married me as a bear, so she don’t want to date a bunny rabbit now, (laughter).”

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The star was always dressed to a tee when he performs, but now with the weight loss he had had to give up a lot of his wardrobe.


“I was a size 58 in pants and now I’m down to a size 40-42,” says Lavell. “Man, I gave away about ten thousand dollars worth of clothes to Goodwill. There’s going to be some bad dressing brother out there man. There’s some nice clothes at Goodwill. You better go get ’em!”

To keep the weight from coming back, Lavell shares that he’s back to doing jujitsu and he now walks five miles a day.

Keep up the great work!

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