Avocado Toast To Your Health With These 4 Recipes [VIDEO]

It’s time toast got an upgrade. Bring on the whole grains and avocado.

Step away from unhealthy butter and jams and look toward satisfying flavors and textures. A healthy dose of whole grains and fiber is delicious with the addition of a few healthy and trendy toppings.

The American Heart Association recommends three whole-grain foods a day and whole-grain toast is a good way to add them, said Penny Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., R.D., a nutrition professor at Penn State University and volunteer for the AHA’s Nutrition Committee.

Avocado toasts

Photo: American Heart Association

Add creamy avocado, and there is a savory meal or snack waiting for you.

Not only is avocado an easy to use and filling topping, it can also help improve bad cholesterol levels in the overweight and obese, according to the AHA.

For those looking for a lazy meal, a few slices of avocado toast are a perfect option as avocados are eaten raw and can be sliced in a matter of minutes.

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