Bishop Eddie Long’s Continued Weight Loss; Some Raise Health Concerns

(photo credit: Bishop Eddie Long instagram)

(photo credit: Bishop Eddie Long instagram)

Back in August 2016, we reported on the weight loss of famed Bishop Eddie Long, who had begun to lose a considerable amount of weight. He attributed that weight loss to ditching what he called the “slave menu”: fried chicken, processed foods, sugary drinks, etc and has opted for a raw diet. In his previous video, he also said he never felt better.

But as of late, many show concern for the Bishop as pictures surfaced showing an even more dramatic weight loss.

Now, it’s not uncommon for someone to lose a significant amount of weight going from a fatty diet to a raw vegan diet. When you eat foods high in nutrients and you’re able to assimilate them because you’re body is clean, then your hunger tends to decrease, as well as your cravings for “bad foods.” Raw veggies don’t need to be cooked in oil or other sauces, so they’re generally have the fewest calories per bite of any food. Fruits are the second lowest, and they give satiation because they raise blood sugar and reduce appetite.

Processed foods, on the other hand, are often high in added sugars and fats that lend flavor and texture and extend shelf life. Meats and other animal products contribute fat — especially unhealthy saturated fats — and tend to be energy dense, meaning they contain a large amount of calories for a small amount of food.

Remember when Reverend Al Sharpton lost over 100 pounds? People were talking about him, saying he was sick, but he came back reprimanding those people for not talking about him when he was obese and unhealthy. I guess you can never please some people.


Whatever the health issue may be if there is an issue, the Bishop is not slowing down in his preaching according to posts on his social media.

Raw fruits and vegetables are low in energy density, which means you can eat a lot and fill up on fewer calories. In addition, most foods you can eat raw are plant foods, which are high in fiber. Fiber adds bulk to your diet and fills you up more efficiently than many processed foods, which helps control your appetite so you take in fewer calories equalling weight-loss success.

“I said to my congregation I’m gonna live to be 100 years old…But I wasn’t going to get there [to age 100] by stopping by Popeye’s. That was my weakness,” Long says. “The biscuits with honey and the chicken wings, spicy.”