How To Lose The Weight & Keep Your Curves [VIDEO]


Worried about losing your curves when you lose weight? In her latest 411 episode Dr. Phoenyx shares 3 awesome tips on how to lose weight and keep your curves. Plus, as mentioned in the video, Dr. Phoenyx’s Beauty Protein is now available at her FitBeauty Shop and on Amazon Prime, so definitely check out that out to get a healthy dose of protein, biotin and other key nutrients to help you achieve your healthy hair and beautiful body goals!


Dr. Phoenyx AustinDr. Phoenyx Austin, MD is the founder of the FitBeauty Shop and a best-selling author. An entrepreneur and certified nutrition/fitness expert, Dr. Phoenyx loves providing amazing products and practical tips to help women achieve their body and beauty goals. Find Dr. Phoenyx on her website and YouTube channel.




Friday, February 10th, 2017

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