#LooksGoodFeelsGood Better Than The Scale: 4 Ways To Know If Your Diet & Workouts Are Working

African American woman shoppingIt’s the same old story: you’ve been sticking to your diet and working out consistently, but the number on the scale is moving at a snail’s pace or not at all. Even though weight loss is important to your health, especially if you’re at risk for heart disease or diabetes, it’s not the only benefit. If your health is in check, then it’s time to focus on the other benefits that might come along the way on your journey. The scale will catch up over time, but focusing on these other positive changes will help to keep you from giving up!

1. Your Clothes Fit Better

Surprisingly, this positive change can happen long before you notice a major drop in the pounds. If you have added more strength training to your routine, then you are building more lean muscle. Muscle is a lot more dense than fat, but it also takes up much less space. If you put on muscle quickly, you might even see the number on the scale go up (gasp!) at first. But, the good news is that you’ll start to look leaner, which means your clothes may start to fit a bit more loosely, or you might even drop a size!

2. Your Energy Is Through the Roof

Once you get into a regular routine of eating better and moving more, your body will thank you! You should quickly start to notice that you have fewer issues getting through the day without several cups of coffee. Your sleeping habits will eventually start to improve as well because all that exercise helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. This will let your body sleep when you need it to and stay awake during the day. Not to mention, getting your sweat on will wear you out, so you’ll be more than ready for a full night’s rest.