6 Dope Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

Image: Think Pynk

Let’s be real, until that tax refund check hits the bank a few of us have to be a tad bit frugal when Valentine’s Day rolls around. True love doesn’t amount to monetary things anyway. If you really love your significant other and want to show them just how much you care without going for broke, check out these 6 dope gifts to get the job done:

Secret Scavenger Hunt
Every guy or girl loves a surprise! Taking your time and creating some real excitement through a secret scavenger hunt will get the job done. Find a final destination they will enjoy like a scenic place in the park or even a memorable place significant to the both of you. Then think of all the things they love and places they frequent. Leave notes at each place to find the next hint, that will eventually lead them to the final destination. Exciting, adventurous, and interactive, it’ll be their best V-day yet.

Five-Course Homemade Meal

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