Don’t Get Married If You’re Guilty of These 5 Things

The success of your marriage depends on having a good foundation. Meaning, what you do before you say ‘I do’ matters just as much in your marriage as what you do after, no pressure. Building a solid foundation with someone can be extremely difficult and it’s only getting more complicated in our modern society. According to the American Psychological Association, 90% of people in this country marry by the age of 50 but anywhere between 40-50% of them will end up getting divorced at least once.

The rates are just as high for the black community. We have the second highest rate of divorce in the US behind native Americans. A lot of millennials look at these numbers along with the current state of the dating world and throw in the towel but I don’t think the institution of marriage is dead and hopeless for future generations. I just think marriages that fail are marriages that should have never started or that started off on the wrong foot. But don’t worry, there are ways to ensure that your marriage is built to last. You’ll be off to a good start as long as you don’t get married if you’re guilty of these five things.

1. You haven’t had big convos yet
During the whirlwind of dating a few details can get lost in the infatuation and passion of a new romance. This reminds me of Sex and the City character Miranda Hobbs remarking to a couple of face-sucking newlyweds, “Yeah, it’s all so hot 3 days in!” After the adrenaline rush of the engagement, the excitement of wedding planning and the romance of the honeymoon phase fade you will be left with regular, schmeh-gular everyday life. When the glitz and glamour fade you need to make sure you