How to Help Your Man De-Stress After a Long Day

As a woman, I’ve come to accept myself as a multifaceted being- as we all are. I’m strong but I experience moments when I feel less than and although I can be happy throughout my day, if I come across heart-breaking news, I quickly feel opposite.

As a result, I’ve learned to heavily rely on my self-care options to get me through my emotions. However, one thing is for sure, regardless of whatever mood I’m in, my husband will quickly absorb my energy and carry it with him – on top of what he’s mentally experienced throughout his day – so if I’m feeling sad, he can sense it.

Although I appreciate him always making himself emotionally available for me, I try to be mindful and remember that he has his moments as well, but he, more often times than not, conceals them and goes on about his day.

Unfortunately, the Black man’s stoicism is more than the social stigma of men being labeled as “weak” when sharing their emotions. Having to face the pressure of being a “strong black man” at all costs, even when being pulled over by the police for “looking suspicious,” can understandably create closeted emotions.

Although my husband hasn’t personally had to be a victim of the aforementioned example, as a hard worker, he will work until he gets the job done, then help the next person when needed until their job is done, which means he often puts himself last and hasn’t put much thought into what he can do for himself to unwind. I took it upon myself to create a self-care list for my husband, so on days when I notice he needs some extra TLC, I go off the following list to help him feel better after a stressful day.

Create a welcoming atmosphere at home
When he comes home from work, try to create a peaceful environment that invites him to

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