Hammertoes: How To Prevent Corns On Toes

Today we have so many options when it comes to buying shoes! Shoe advertisements are all around us. While the shoe options are plentiful, many women are in the dark when it comes to picking an appropriate shoe. Many women love to wear narrow pointed toe shoes and mistakenly squeeze their feet into shoes that hurt their feet.

Pointy shoes have become a fashion trend. Many women, as well as men, like to wear these types of shoes; however, the toe box of a shoe (which is where the toes are housed) can contribute a lot to the comfort or discomfort based on the shape and size of the toe box. So how does a narrow toe box effect one’s toes?

The chronic wearing of narrow toe boxes can contribute to toe damage. Ligaments can become damaged over time and cause malposition of toes as well as pinched nerves.

Contrary to popular belief hammer toes are not caused by shoes alone; however, shoes can exacerbate pain. Hammertoes are caused by different types of compensatory mechanisms within the foot. Foot type is hereditary for the most part, but tight fitting shoes have been shown to contribute to hammertoes.

What is a hammertoe?

A hammertoe is a

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