Code-Switching: 6 Ways It’s Affecting You Mentally

Code-switching amongst the black community in institutions, corporate spaces and around other races involves a perplexing cognitive flexibility and shows how diverse you can be mentally, emotionally, and characteristically. However, it can take a toll on your mental state and how you self-identify outside of code-switching instances and situations.

Wondering what it can do to you the long run? Check out these 6 ways it can affect you mentally:

Your self-esteem may take a hit. Code-switching for a lot of teens and young adults may come at a pivotal time in their lives where they are in the stage of “finding themselves”. They may feel they need to code-switch in order to fit in so they won’t get bullied, questioned or sought-out for just being different.

You may not know when to turn it off. Code-switching can be quite easy to turn on and off, however, if you find yourself consistently in the code-switching mode, you may not know when or be able to turn it off after a while.

You’re re-programing your brain. Every time you code-switch you’re essentially training your

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