8 Relationship Habits To Let Go

African American couple sitting apart outsideGrowth is necessary to evolve, and that holds especially true for relationships. Here are 8 things you should vow to stop doing in order to ensure your love life continues to be healthy. Whether you are single or in a relationship, if your objective is to have or find true love taking the time to make some better habits is necessary. Breaking these habits does not mean overwhelming yourself with requirements that are beyond the realm of pragmatism. Just take your time to do some reflection and find the areas you can truly commit to work on.

1. Demanding a Label

There should be no excuse whatsoever for asking the question, “So what are we?” for the rest of your life. If the question begs an answer and has not been made obvious, it’s time to let go. The answer will not be one that you want to hear. Many relationship titles are bestowed every day without either person’s arm being twisted. You should never feel as though you have to force a relationship on someone. If they are unable to see your worthiness as a committed partner on their own, then you need to move on.

2. Conversations Only Via Text

Several years ago, an article was written during the Blackberry Messenger craze chronicling how a greater number of people were meeting each other face to face for first dates without ever speaking to each other over the phone prior to. Today, this is often standard. The main issue with this is that “e-chemistry” is not enough to make a relationship last.

A relationship and infatuation developed strictly through electronic means but not in real life is not often sustainable. The vast majority of us imagine what a person’s voice may sound like in our minds while communicating with them electronically, which can turn out to be completely false. Their idiosyncratic movements and nuances and subtle things that we may find attractive can turn out to be totally false.