9-Year-Old Overcomes Brain Cancer: “I Feel Amazing Now”

(Photo credit: GoFundMe)

Nine-year-old Cameron Scott is a superhero. You wouldn’t be able to tell by his big, beautiful bright smile that he underwent months of grueling treatments — including chemotherapy and surgery on his brain and spine – to beat cancer in 2017. But just when he thought things might return to normal, he quickly found out that he wasn’t out of the woods yet.

At 53 pounds, Cameron underwent four hours of surgery to remove the tumors. Cameron still had regular doctor visits to see how his treatment was progressing. But because of his treatment, he was extremely fatigued, which meant he had to be tutored at home. Eventually, Cameron was allowed to return to school part-time.

“One of the challenges of a parent who has a diagnosis like Cameron did is ensuring they don’t get depressed and they don’t feel different. But he’s very smart and he wanted to go home when his friends went home,” said his father Wardell Scott

His journey from sickness to wellness started back in October 2016. That’s when Cameron fell down the stairs of his family home. But it wasn’t an especially bad fall, or so the family thought.