All Natural Scalp Detox Recipe (Just 3 Ingredients!)

African American woman smiling with curly short hair

Are you effectively taking care of your hair? Chances are, even if you are actively buying all of the right products and even go to the beauty salon regularly, you can still be neglecting an important detail of proper hair care. For example, when was the last time you detoxed your scalp? Never? Well, don’t feel bad! There are tons of people who do not know the importance of proper scalp exfoliation.

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A scalp detox can be extremely important to one’s beauty regimen. Just like the skin on our bodies, the scalp can develop a build up of toxins, chemicals and pollutants that are bad for the scalp and the immune system. Even though the scalp contains some of the largest pores of the body, it does not need as much attention as other pores. However, it still needs an occasional regimen.

Surprisingly, the hair products that we use on a regular basis have the potential of stunting hair growth if one does not exfoliate the scalp. These products unknowingly create a messy build up on top of accumulated dead skin cells on the scalp. This can cause bacterial infections, greasy hair or tons of dandruff.

Most people believe that shampooing is enough to cleanse the scalp deep enough to get rid of all of the unwanted build up that has been created, but that’s not the case. Since this is not enough, a scalp exfoliant is usually the best route to go.

Here is a homemade recipe for a scalp detox. Each ingredient in the mixture contains a certain function that is important to fighting build up and maintaining a healthy scalp for effective hair growth.