Alleviate Anxiety During Menstrual Cycles

Anxiety relief during your period

Anxiety with menstrual pains

( — Not only do menstrual cycles bring on unwanted symptoms such as cramps and bloating, they can also bring on anxiety. Some women who have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, like obsessive-compulsive disorder, may notice even more severe anxiety during their periods than at any other time during the month. Other women may only experience anxiety symptoms when they get their periods.

Menstruation leads to a number of hormonal changes that can cause physical and emotional effects that may contribute to anxiety. There is no single reason for this anxiety, but multiple factors probably are at work.

Fluctuations in powerful hormones that regulate menstruation, such as estrogen and progesterone, can affect a woman’s appetite, digestion and energy levels, all of which can, in turn, affect her mood. This may have an impact on psychological functioning. Additionally, women who have had difficult periods in the past, due to intense cramping or heavy bleeding, may worry about recurrent pain and discomfort prior to menstruation, and this can also cause added anxiety.