Ask Dr. Phoenyx: Does More Sweat Mean More Fat Burn?

For many people there’s nothing more exhilarating or more satisfying than breaking a good sweat during their workout. In fact, for many people, a body glistening and literally dripping with post-workout sweat can be like a badge of honor to be proudly worn – a way of saying to oneself and anyone else in the gym watching that we just put in some serious work! So give us our props!

That said, have you ever wondered whether a lack of sweat means that you’re possibly doing something wrong, and as a result not burning as many calories and fat as you should during your workout? If you’re a bit concerned about whether your workout might be subpar if it doesn’t cause you to break a wicked sweat, check out my Fast Fit Tip video where I answer a common fitness riddle: Does More Sweat = More Fat Burn?