Avoid These High Calorie, High Sugar Candies

’Tis the time of the year we are approaching where diets are no longer considered a major priority and eating excessive amounts of candy doesn’t really require an excuse. But not all candy is good candy (umm…no pun intended). If you’re passing out candy or taking your kids trick-or treating this Halloween, there are a few high-calorie, sugar-loaded pieces that are scary enough to make you want to avoid eating a high amount of these treats. As hard as it may possibly be, don’t get tricked into eating too many!

Candy Corn

While it’s true you should consume multiple vegetable servings in a day, these colorful candies are definitely far away from the actual vegetable in which it was inspired from. An amount of 19 pieces equals to about 1.3 ounces, has 140 calories and 32 grams of sugar. Granted, there are zero grams of fat in candy corn but there’s also no other nutritional value in this popular treat.