Ayesha Curry’s Chest Rub That Keeps Steph Curry Cold-Free

Stuffy noses, chest coughs, sinus headaches getting you down? Well, basketball wife, mom, and new author, Ayesha Curry, shows you a quick and easy way to fix all of that to get you back on your feet and keep it moving. ThisRe eucalyptus-and-peppermint chest rub from the Ayesha Curry cookbook smells even better, contains zero weird chemicals, and is crazy-easy to make. It’s like the old-school Vick’s vapor rub, but homemade.

First, Curry pours two tablespoons of coconut oil into a bowl. Then she adds five drops of eucalyptus oil and three drops of peppermint oil. A little stir, and, that’s pretty much it. Simple, easy and straight to the point.

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With three simple ingredients, you’ll have a natural chest rub free of any harsh additives, meaning it’s better for you and for the environment. For best results with this homemade elixir, Curry explains she heats the mixture up between her palms before applying it to her chest, under her nose, hands, and even her daughters’ feet. With all-star recipes like this, it’s no wonder that Steph is at the top of his game too.

You can find the cookbook where she features all of her other recipes, here.