#BDOBookshelf: Charlamagne Tha God ‘Black Privilege’

 …revolving door stints in jail, mostly for drug offenses. After tiring of this lifestyle, he got himself together and then upon realizing he actually was interested in a career in radio, he landed an internship at a station in town.

While the book gets in-depth about the ups and downs of his then budding radio journey, including a “get-hired-and-get-fired” pattern that lasted for years, at its core, #BlackPrivilege is a motivational book about, as the subtitle suggests, blazing your own trail on your own terms, especially if you are African-American. And while Charlamagne enjoyed the success of his career ascension and all that came with it, he realized he had to tighten up his life in another area: his health.


An early mentor advised him on the importance of fitness and proper nutrition, adding that in order to maximize his potential, his body and mind had to be right. Having feasted on a regular diet of fast food with a side of alcohol and marijuana, he realized he needed to make a lifestyle change. These days, the “shock-jock” is all about exercise; for Charlamagne, “physical fitness is nonnegotiable.”

When it comes to eating, “vegetables or something green” accompany all his meals and far as snacks go, fruit, peanuts and protein bars are his weapons of choice. Early in his fitness mission, he was 202 pounds; today, he proudly hovers between 170-175 pounds, with a set of abs to boot.