BLK+GRN: High Quality, Ethically Sourced & Toxic-Free Products

mainstream products marketed to Black women were not created by Black women. BLK + GRN wants to change this trend, and instead feature high-quality all-natural products that are created for Black women.

BDO: With more stats and studies coming out about the odds stacked against black people every year, what’s your stance on health and wellness in Black communities today?

DKH: We know that health disparities are real, and even when we control for education, insurance status, and income Black people still have worst health outcomes than their white counterparts. There is an array of potential root causes – systematic racism, unconscious and conscious bias, and mistrust. If we do not change our behaviors, our life expectancy is only going to continue to shorten. I want to empower our communities to take control of our health and wellness, and BLK + GRN is the first step.