Style Mistakes That Make You Look Heavier

woman in business suit

When you look good you feel good, which overall makes you emotionally healthy. Your outward appearance says a lot about you and clothing should make you look and feel great , no matter what your size! It’s all about choosing pieces that have elements that can complement your figure. Here’s six mistakes that are a fashionista NO-NO:

1. Menswear is FOR MEN!

There is a reason that there is a men’s section and a women’s section. Pantsuits, button-downs, hoodies, and crew neck tees look great when tailored properly for the female body, but wearing clothes that were created for men is a poor decision. Men don’t have breasts, hips and booty like a woman.

2. Poor-Quality Pieces 
Poorly designed, low-quality clothing can be found at almost every price point—so be on the lookout. Stay away from these types of pieces because they will do nothing for your appearance!


3. Too Tight…Maybe? 

Listen up! Just because it stretches does not mean it fits! Straining over the bust, collapsing at the shoulders and…