Does a Gallon a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

African American Black woman drinking water

With each new year comes new health challenges that appear on our timelines or amongst friends. One that I’ve seen repeatedly is the challenge of drinking a gallon of water a day. Does it really take guzzling down a gallon every day to be in good health or to lose weight?

Water is Good For You
Undoubtedly, drinking water is one the most important things that we can do to achieve and maintain good health. Water is such a vital part of our survival that going just three days without it can result in death. Our skin, organs, bones, and blood plasma are all made up of water. Water lubricates our joints, flushes out toxins and waste, provides shock absorption for our bones and organs, helps regulate body temperature, and aids in digestion. We know it’s good stuff, but how much of it should
you be drinking?
How Much Water is Enough Water?