Don’t Check Your Child’s Hymen: Healthier Approaches To The Sex Talk

T.I., affectionately known as the “King of the South”, has recently been under a lot of scrutiny due to his explosive comments regarding his daughter’s hymen. The rapper admitted during an interview that he makes and attends yearly gynecology appointments with his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah Harris to ensure her “hymen stays intact.”

After the generous release of this information, Deyjah Harris unfollowed her father on social media after fans jumped to her defense, and attacked T.I. for his invasive, and impractical parenting methods, while others agreed with T.I., and applauded a father who is intentional about his daughter’s sexual health.

While we all can agree that T.I. is an exceptionally active, and positive father, the debate around what is considered excessive parenting became the social media topic. Waves of conversations surrounding healthy sexual dialogue between teenagers and their parents, and the roles and responsibilities of mothers and fathers and their intentionality about the “proactive sex talk” surfaced a variety of opinions.

We all know that sex talk with our kids, especially our teenagers is not