Enhance Your Health by Adopting the Plate Method

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The ‘Plate Method’ is essentially a tool that is used to help guide better nutrition for people with diabetes. And it’s it’s a visual thing that can be used and be used easily by people with diabetes. And essentially you do it by taking a 9-inch plate, not a 12-inch plate, not a 16-inch plate.

A 9-inch plate and essentially draw a line through it, an equator and half of that space now is the half that should be occupied by vegetables; this is where you have your plant fiber and the green leafy food. The remaining half divided two, so now you have a half, you have two quarters.

One quarter is the amount of space that should be occupied for lean meats, high-quality protein and then the remaining quarter, the carbohydrates, your pasta, your potatoes, bread, whatever that carbohydrate it and at a glance you can tell whether or not the distribution of your calories is healthy and appropriate for a person with diabetes.

One rule; don’t pile it all up you know, so that it’s six inches high, then now that’s that’s a violation of the of the ‘Plate Method’