Busy Father Trades Fast Food For Quick Weight Loss: “I’ve Never Had Results Happen So Fast”

Before & After: Essex O’Brien

When a person is overweight, they are usually aware of it. However, to actually take action, that person might need a wake-up call. That moment came one day at the doctor’s office for Essex O’Brien.

In the back of his mind, Essex knew he needed to lose weight. The urgency to take action didn’t come until his doctor weighed him and he discovered that he was more than 260 pounds.

“I was shocked,” Essex says. “I told myself that I would never get above 250 again, but here I was at 265. I was disappointed and knew I needed to do something immediately.”

Now that he knew something had to be done, the real question for Essex was, “Where do I start?”

While he had a sense of urgency to get to a healthy weight, choosing a course of action was difficult.

Before: Essex O’Brien/Photo: Nutrisystem

One day, his decision was made a little easier when he discovered that Nutrisystem could not only customize a weight loss program just for him, but he would be able to eat everyday foods, too.

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Now the only question for Essex was, “How could I pass up on that?”

“I heard that the food was good and the program was easy,” he says.

What was also attractive to Essex about Nutrisystem was the convenience of the program.

In previous efforts to lose weight, he found it tedious to continuously count calories. With Nutrisystem, all of his meals were perfectly portioned, so he knew he was eating the right amount to stay on track every time.

“I needed to take the thinking and calorie counting out of it,” he says. “Nutrisystem does all that work for you.”

As a hard-working father, he also expressed how helpful it was that…